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Big ideas with no direction rarely come to fruition. You know that you are talented and gifted, but how do you narrow down the vastness of your ideas into an achievable plan? Write the vision - put it into words, pictures, and actionable goals that you and others can run with. Quick, informative, and power-packed, this course will prepare you to create your vision board in seven simple steps.


Senior Instructor

Joneen Horton

I'm Joneen, an author, speaker, and abortion recovery advocate who founded Divine Image in 2005, dedicated to edifying, equipping, and encouraging women to live and dominate as a Divine Image.  When God said to me to create a website and tell women "You are a Divine Image!”, I had no web design experience and no money, but I stepped out. I'm still stepping and passionately encouraging others to step too - God is faithful.  Whatever that thing is that you are called to do - you can absolutely do it and me and my team are here to help. Stay connected with me on IG or Facebook @DivineImageLife. I look forward to hanging out with you. Grow with Divine Image Books are a gateway to learning and adventure, check out my current book offerings in the DI Shop (; all books are also available on any online retailer - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, etc. Stay Connected with Divine Image Sign up for the Divine Image Newsletter ( to receive B.O.L.O. alerts of upcoming events, book releases, and new courses. - Our team is diverse, volunteers, entrepreneurs, full-time employees - so this newsletter is a periodical, but when something newsworthy happens you will know, k?

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    Write the Vision

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