Course Description

If you've ever felt hopeless, then this mini course is for you. Designed to give you practical tools to employ the Word of God to give you hope.

Senior Instructor

Joneen Horton

Author, Speaker, Abortion Recovery Advocate; and the founder of Divine Image Women’s Ministry.As an Abortion Recovery Advocate, Joneen offers support to women who have had an abortion; helping them process the thoughts and emotions associated with that decision. She candidly discusses her experience and the lessons she has learned from God to edify, equip and encourage others. She is the author of Journey to Restoration: Healing for the Post-Abortive Woman and its companion course Journey to Restoration™.Joneen has passionately served in ministry for over 20 years; peer counseling with women who have had or are contemplating abortion, sharing the Gospel with women incarcerated in jails and prisons, and via website.Created in May 2005, has reached over 100,000 women for the Kingdom of God, in over 19 countries, including the United States, Korea, China, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and more.Joneen is a graduate of the School of Ministerial and Educational Training (SOMET), has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising and is a Certified Training Facilitator.

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